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About Binary Plan

One of the fastest growing plans in MLM, the Binary plan allows growth in a matrix of two. This is an extremely popular plan among MLM companies. A binary plan follows a left and right tree structure as illustrated below:

How Binary Plan Works?

A Binary plan encompasses a technique of pairs. A member typically progresses up the chain by incorporating 2 members directly under him/her. In binary plan a member can introduce maximum 2 members directly under him, 1 each on the left and right side. After a member has added a member each to the left side and right side the member has to opportunity to spill the member in the down-line i.e. Place a new member below an empty left or empty right as his /her down-line.

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Per Rs. 1,000/- Income Rs. 100/- deduction will be compulsory applicable Ex. If you are take a weekly Rs. 6,000/- payout you have 6 repurchase coupons received from company.

Rs. 100 = 1 R.P. (Repurchase Point)
10 R.P. = 1 P.V. (Point Value)

Month P.V. Percentage Amount
1st 36 5% 1,800/-
2nd 72 4% 2,880/-
3rd 144 3% 4,320/-
4th 288 2% 5,760/-
5th 576 2% 11,520/-
6th 1152 1% 11,520/-
7th 2304 1% 23,040/-
8th 4608 0.5% 23,040/-
9th 9216 0.5% 46,080/-
10th 18432 0.5% 92,160/-
  Total Repurchasing Income After 10th Level 2,22,120/-

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Return on investment (ROI) is the benefit to the investor resulting from an investment of some resource. A high ROI means the investment gains compare favorably to investment cost. As a performance measure, ROI is used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. In purely economic terms, it is one way of considering profits in relation to capital invested.

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